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8th April 2019

The Civil Liability Act 2018 – ‘The Whiplash Reforms’ Update: 28th March 2019

The Civil Liability Bill received royal assent on 20th December 20018 becoming the Civil Liability Act 2018 ...
3rd April 2019

The Office

The facts are that most office workers work “9-5 to make a living”. This means we spend approximately over one 1680 hours per year with our colleagues ....
28th March 2019

Using a Phone or Sat Nav Whilst Driving

Everyone seems to be using their phones more than ever before! Unfortunately, this means that we take our eyes off the road to do so....
20th March 2019

Do I have to give my engagement ring back after divorce?

You have spent a lot of money on an engagement ring but it wasn’t meant to be and the wedding is off so who should keep the engagement ring? ...