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Ayesha Nayyar

6th November 2020


Know your rights when it comes to cohabitation: If you've recently moved in with a partner...
2nd November 2020
Neighbour Disputes

Neighbour Disputes

Do you have a dispute with your neighbour that is causing you sleepless nights?
2nd November 2020


Redundancy is a big concern for people especially with furlough finishing and employers being asked for bigger wage contributions, they will be making difficult decisions. The R word is on a lot of people’s minds at present and sadly everyone worried needs to think about a contingency plan. It is important that you are prepared and know your legal rights
15th October 2020
Can You Have A Good Divorce

Can You Have A Good Divorce?

Can you ever have a “good” divorce? Yes - Ayesha thinks you can. Whether it’s dissolving a marriage or a civil partnership, a good divorce is one where the parties remain amicable, they step away from their emotions and put their sensible heads on.
8th October 2020

Should violent offenders go to prison for longer?

Should violent offenders go to prison for longer? As a lawyer who has acted for victims of violent crime for years, this is a subject I feel very strongly about.
19th April 2019
Ayesha Nayyar - 20 Questions

Ayesha Nayyar – 20 Questions …..

2nd January 2019

The Work/Life of Ayesha Nayyar

A one day diary from morning wake up to lights out! MY ALARM GOES OFF at 7.15am and then I hit the snooze button a few times […]
15th September 2018
I will always fight for my clients

I Will Always Fight For My Clients

I am writing this blog in the early hours of the morning. Everyone who knows me will tell you I am a self confessed workaholic who […]
7th August 2018

Read Ayesha’s blog on her win!

* *Win at The English Asian Business Awards* * It is ironic that a child of immigrant parents who came over to England in the 1960’s […]