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Charity Work

Charity Work

The Wellspring

The employees at Nayyars Solicitors nominate their chosen charity work each year. Nayyars Solicitors chosen charity for 2019 is The Well Spring (

The Well Spring provide practical support to homeless or less privileged people, a hot shower, clean clothing, fresh food made in their premises daily, sleeping bags, rucksacks, etc.

They also help by providing employment support, benefits and housing advice, support to overcome addictions like alcohol drugs, and they also have nurses onsite and fully operational NHS spec surgery in their building.

It is a local, registered charity helping people in need of all ages and backgrounds.

The Wellspring - Charity Work

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Macmillan work to provide help and support to those diagnosed with cancer. Their sole aim is to improve the lives of those diagnosed by offering physical, financial and emotional support to help them live life as fully as they can.

Nayyars Solicitors have been supporting Macmillan since 2014 and continue to do so, as it is a charity that is very close to all our hearts. We have seen the impact cancer has had on lives and the consequences it leaves for loved ones, whether that be family, friends or strangers. The number affected by cancer will continue to increase and that is why it is unbelievably important to continue supporting Macmillan, just like we will at Nayyars.

Charity Work

The Read Foundation

The Rural Education and Development Foundation is a non-profit schools’ educational network. It runs a network of 344 schools in eight districts of Pakistan. It was set up in 1994 and since then has provided school places for children living in property who otherwise cannot afford to become educated. They are dedicated to build and renovate schools to create as many places as possible for children to learn and become educated. Their sole focus is education and their mission is simple; to provide a school pace for every child. Education works as a doorway out of poverty and empowers children with the skills they need to make the right choices. Since 2005, they have provided 136,251 children with the ability to complete their schooling and gain an education.

The Read Foundation is a charity close to our hearts at Nayyars. The Directors visited Pakistan in October 2019 and visited a number of Read Schools and met with orphan children and their families.

Charity Work - Nayyars Read Foundation