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Flight Delay Claims

Airline fares can be expensive. The airline journey to and from your holiday destination should be trouble free. You have a right to expect that the airline that you have paid for transports you at the time you have paid for.

Should the holiday that you have planned and paid for be delayed, cancelled or re-routed, under EU regulations and law, you could be entitled to compensation.

Nayyars Solicitors can help you claim and can efficiently establish what amount you are owed per passenger. Claims that we can help you claim compensation for include:

  • Cancellations
  • Delays
  • Re-routed flights
  • Overbooked flights
  • Denied Boarding
Flight Delay Claims

In the event that your flight was overbooked, the airline procedure is to ask volunteers to give up their seat. Should you be denied boarding without volunteering, you are entitled to claim.

The time limit that you can claim is 6 years from the date you were due to travel.

If you have experienced any kind of flight delay in the last 6 years contact Nayyars Solicitors and our specialist advisers can determine the best course of action to access your claim further.



Re-routed flights

Overbooked flights

Denied Boarding

What Amount Can I Claim?

Under EU regulations, the compensation for qualifying flights beginning or landing in the EU is as follows:

  • €250 compensation on flights up to 1,500km


  • €400 compensation on flights of 1,500 to 3,500km


  • €600 compensation on flights of over 3,500km
Flight Delay Claims Manchester

Your compensation is not linked to the amount you paid for the flight but the length of delay and distance you were travelling.

This is an area of law that is governed by Regulations. It is advisable to use a specialist law firm who can calculate the right amount of compensation for you.

Our Flight Delay Solicitors Team can establish the reason your flight was delayed and if it was the fault of the airline, ensure you are compensated.

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