ABBA -Money Money Money must be funny in a rich man’s world

We would all have more money if we made simple savings in our personal lives and at work.

In our personal lives have we got a little lazy, we work hard for our money and then waste rather than save. We can help ourselves to do simple things that can save us money. Counting the pennies really does result in saving in the pounds!

As Financial Controller at Nayyars saving money is an area I have become very good at. This blog will try and share tips of knowledge I have picked up in the last 36 years of my working life!

5 Tips for your Personal Finances

  1. Check your bank statements and know what you are paying for! This sounds simple but so many people do not check every transaction on their bank statements. You may be being charged for something you do not use, you may not aware you have become a member of a company on the internet in error or the bank may simply have made an error. With Banks having Apps that you can download onto your phone this should take no more than a couple of minutes every day.
  2. Charge you mobile in the evening but not overnight – it takes 2 hours to charge not all night. This will save on wasted electricity. It may only be a small saving but over the years this adds up.
  3. Do not leave any items on standby – a TV not being switched off alone could cost you £15.00 a year, these days we all have a TV in each bedroom as well as 2 downstairs, this speaks for itself.
  4. There is no shame in asking where you can for a discount! Play on your loyalty or threaten you are going to leave the company. They need you – if you do not ask you do not get!
  5. Make a budget and stick to it. How many of us have no idea how much we want to spend. Do this every time you go shopping and stick to the budget.


5 tips for your Workplace Finances

  1. In the workplace we need to monitor what we spend money on. Usually the biggest running costs apart from salaries are stationery, post and printing. Apart from being eco-friendly going paperless and emailing all correspondence, will reduce these overheads phenomenally. Think before you post anything!
  2. Always negotiate with suppliers and compare prices. A bit of early work when setting up deals will reap benefits in the long run.
  3. Turn off the computers, printers, copiers, lights every evening you pay for the electric supply
  4. Always ask for fees to be waived or at least reduced where you have not been paid yourself. Develop a working relationship with the companies that you work regularly with so they appreciate the good times and the bad.
  5. Cancel the subscriptions to any magazines you do not read. Do not book training courses or programmes that will not result in a financial benefit to your company.

We live and work in competitive times and we really do need to make every penny count.

In the words of ABBA – The winner takes it all!

Carolyn Allcroft

Financial Controller

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