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As seen on the BBC

Crime, Are We Tough Enough?

Ayesha was approached by the BBC to film a series about Crime in early 2019. It seemed like a great opportunity and as she is never afraid of a new challenge jumped at the chance.

“I have to confess at the time, I did not realise how much of my time it would take and how much I would enjoy filming. The first step was meeting my co-presenter Chris Daw who is a practising Criminal Defence QC. Initial impressions after getting over how tall he was (whose idea was it to pair a 6 foot 4 broad man with a 5 foot petite lady?) was how likeable he was! He had been involved with the Producers in helping evolve the concept of the show and was very much instrumental in getting it off the ground.

As seen on the BBC

Next I met the crew, who were the funniest bunch of people I have ever worked with. We tackled some serious issues throughout the programme and there were lots of tears (pretty much all mine) listening to stories of how crime has devastated lives and by the end we were like a family. Being on the road from early morning till late at night meant we lived and breathed the programme together. I am incredibly proud of the series having tackled some real-life gritty issues affecting our criminal justice system”

The Team spent the summer travelling the country from Wales all the way to Scotland. They met ex-villains and victims. They went inside prisons and court rooms. They spoke to doctors and parole officers. The general consensus was that the system was broken and the programme investigates the reasons behind that. Is it because we are too tough? Or is it in fact the complete opposite that we are not tough enough?

The programme is available here on BBC iplayer.

Voice Recording at the BBC