Injured in an accident

Accidents can happen when we least expect them to. We recently acted for a client who was in a car park waiting for someone when he had an accident. He was wearing trainers and in theory should have been safe from any hazards on the floor. However, when he was getting out of the car he didn’t realise what was on the ground and found himself slipping and falling badly. When he looked at what had caused him to fall, he saw that it was a pool of oil. He was immediately in immense pain and realised he had serious injuries.

Thankfully, passers-by came and helped him. They realised his injury needed medical attention and called an ambulance. He had landed on his ankle when he had fallen on the metal barrier in the car park. There was a lot of bleeding from the injury. He was taken to the local hospital. He needed to have stitches and was left with scarring. He also injured his back and was in pain for many months. It was an accident that should never have happened.

Car parks have to be safe for road users. Not just those driving the cars but pedestrians who are walking around in them. At first, the Defendant’s Insurance Company denied fault. They said that they had no record of the incident as he did not report it at the time. Admittedly, he did not fill in an Accident Report Form. When we asked our client about this, he said he was more concerned about getting the right treatment and being taken to hospital for his injury. This was a good enough explanation.

We investigated fully and obtained his medical records. These included the ambulance records which noted the reason of the fall. This was a contemporaneous record of what had happened and the proof he needed. We also obtained confirmation from his workplace of the reason he was not able to work.

We were able to secure a significant sum of money as compensation for his injuries.

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Amy Arden




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