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Uber Claim

There has been a landmark ruling in the case of Uber BV v Aslam & Others (2021).

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Uber Drivers Employment Claim

The Supreme Court has ruled that Uber Drivers are entitled to workers’ rights. This means they are entitled to holiday pay and during the period they worked for Uber should have been paid the minimum wage.

This is a breakthrough decision and opens the gates for many more drivers to claim their own compensation. If you drove for Uber at any time since 1st July 2015, you may qualify to sign up for uber driver compensation with Nayyars Solicitors. If successful, then you could be awarded thousands of pounds in backdated pay.

Your case will be funded on a No Win No Fee Agreement basis.

You can sign up with Nayyars Solicitors an Award Winning Law Firm by clicking here

*if you have signed with another company and less than 14 days have passed, then you may be able to cancel your agreement with them and join Nayyars!

Uber Drivers Employment Claim
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If You Drove For Uber
If You Drove
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You May Qualify For Thousands
You May Qualify
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No Win No Fee
No Win
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    Uber Claim


    What is the Uber Case about?

    The Supreme Court has ruled that drivers for Uber were “workers”. This means that Uber should have paid its drivers the minimum wage and/or holiday pay. You can now claim this back dated money.

    Does this cover UberEats workers?

    The decision was only in relation to Uber Taxi Drivers. However, you may wish to register your interest for an UberEats claim and if the position changes we will contact you.

    If I win my case, how will I be compensated?

    The amount you will receive will depend on your individual driving history. This will include the length of time you worked for Uber, the number of hours you drove for them and the expenses you incurred while you did so. We will assess your case on its own facts and ensure that you get the maximum compensation that is due to you.

    If I lose the case, do I have to pay Uber?

    No you should not have to pay Uber. The case is being run on a No Win No Fee Basis.

    I no longer work for Uber, can I still make a claim?

    If you have driven for Uber in the last 6 years then you may still be able to make a claim. Please contact us so we can determine this.

    Can I still work for Uber if I make a claim?

    Yes of course you can. These claims are for historical payments due to you. They should not affect your present ability to work for Uber.

    If I make a claim does that mean I am now classed as employed?

    No this claim is based on a court ruling that drivers have historically been classed as “workers”. It is about claiming what you should have been paid!

    What documents will I need?

    Once you contact us we can provide you with this information, but do not worry if you have not retained all your documents.

    Uber Drivers Employment Claim - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)