If you are involved in a Road traffic accident and suffered injury due to the negligence of another driver, we at Nayyars are in a position to assist with your recovery and ensure that you get the best possible award for damages for your injury and without unnecessary delay.

Top causes for an accident are:

  1. Failure to look properly: Approximately a third of road accidents are thought to be caused by drivers failing to look properly. This may be down to a lack of the necessary concentration or distraction by something in the vehicle or outside the vehicle on the road. If someone fails to be vigilant and alert and fails to look properly then their negligence will be proved and your claim will injury can proceed.
  2. Failure to judge another person’s speed:  Approximately a fifth of road accidents are thought to be down to this, for example, when pulling out of a junction or when negotiating a roundabout and having misjudged the other person’s speed. Another is to wrongly assume that another vehicle will make the manoeuvre that you expect them to make. Even if a vehicle is indicating, for example, that they are going to turn off the road you should not act on this until you are confident that they are undertaking that manoeuvre as to you would then be relying on a misleading signal.
  3. Being careless /in a hurry: This can cause some people to drive dangerously and can make people to drive more aggressively. Tailgating is an example and can cause accidents.  Sadly, many people still use their mobile phones whilst driving, despite this meaning that they are four times more likely to have an accident.  If you’re feeling tired, then always take a break. If you become distracted, do not drive until your focus returns. Overall, you must do everything in your power to stay safe.
  4. Losing control: Making manoeuvres without slowing to a safe speed when for example, taking a turn or bend in the road or changing lanes can cause a loss of control and accidents.  Weather conditions such as heavy rain, ice, hail and snow are also a common cause. By keeping your car and tyres in peak condition, driving slowly and carefully in difficult conditions, whilst also avoiding sudden acceleration, braking and turning, you will stand a better chance of keeping control of your vehicle.


  1. Drink/Drug driving: is one of the most highly publicised causes of road accidents. Drink/drug driving accidents have reduced in number considerably over the past three decades, but statistics show that it’s still the cause of over a tenth of annual road deaths/ and or serious injuries. Being caught under the influence when behind the wheel can mean a ban from driving, a fine of up to £5000, a criminal record and potentially community service. If a fatality is caused by drink driving, then a mandatory prison sentence will follow.



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