What is motivation?

‘Motivation is the reason you give to someone for doing something’

And when it comes to work, it’s not hard to understand that we all need to be motivated to stay employed and active for as long as we can!

What happens though when you have employees who are losing their motivation towards work? As Office Manager in a busy practice it is vital that we get this right at Nayyars.

This is and should be a priority for every Management Team primarily, but it needs to involve all members of staff too, as new ideas to keep the business a happy place can come from anybody in the firm.

Here at Nayyars, motivation is key in keeping the business going and our employees play a major part when it comes to team building and the activities we do as a firm.

We have the Employee of the Month, where anybody who goes above and beyond will be rewarded with vouchers and a trophy they get to keep on their desk for the whole month. The staff can nominate each other and it is a great way to boost moral as well as reward those who have done a good job.

We also try and give our employees room to grow. Our most recent examples are our apprentices, who moved to several positions by becoming file handlers or even team leaders within a year of starting to work with us.

The owners of the firm, Ayesha and Juwad always share positive feedback with the rest of the team and organise meals regularly when we have achieved a good result.

We also try and be as transparent as we can, so we publish the fees total weekly and everybody can see how the firm is doing at any given point. There are cogs in the wheel here at Nayyars who may not be case handlers but without them we could not get the results we do. A lot of praise and credit is given to the New Claims and Accounts Team.

Last but not least we ask our staff what they really want. They can pass any suggestions they might have anonymously in our suggestions box. The managers will pick up the suggestions for consideration and whether we follow the idea or not, our staff will always be given feedback of the decision the management team took.

When trying to motivate your employees, you need to follow one simple rule! Get them involved in the process and ask them what they want. Listen to them and see if you are missing out on something, as it’s your employees who will support you and will sometimes do the hard work for you!

Nayyars is a great place to work for many different reasons and we have a great team spirit between us!

I look after the recruitment process at Nayyars and if you are looking to join a motivated team, then give me a call on 0161 491 8520.

Sissy Grig

Office Manager



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