Flight Delay Compensation

Love travelling? Worried about travelling in case of a long delays? Have you booked the dream holiday with your loved ones which has then been ruined due to long delays at the airport? We have all had it at times, being stuck in the airport with crying children while you wait with baited breath to find out how late your flight will be.

If your flight has been delayed or cancelled in the last 6 years then you may be entitled to statutory compensation.  The claim is made under EU Rule 261/2004.

In 2012, the European Court of Justice decided that passengers who had suffered long delays on flights would be entitled to compensation. Answer a few qualifying questions and see if you could be entitled to any extra cash.

The basic rule is that if the flight has been delayed due to the airline’s fault, if you fall into the criteria you will be entitled to compensation. The airlines have to pay a fixed amount of compensation to each passenger travelling.  A departing flight can be any airline but must be leaving an EU airport and travelling anywhere in the world. The flight has to be delayed for 3 hours + or delayed. However on the way back into Europe the flight must be with an EU airline.

What was the reason for the delay or cancellation? If it was the fault of the airline then you have a claim. The delay has to be in control of the airline. If the delay is out of the control of the airline for example the flight was delayed / cancelled due to the weather, political unrest or strike action you will not be able to claim as this is deemed as unforeseen circumstances. They are not the airline’s fault.

The delay must 3 or more hours on arrival to your final destination. The length of the delay determines the amount of compensation you are entitled to.

Each passenger travelling is entitled to compensation, so for a family of 4 people travelling they each get the compensation individually. The amount payable is paid in Euros. Each person can claim up to 600 euros.  It does not matter how much you have paid for the ticket you will still get the same fixed amount.

We at Nayyars have successfully recovered thousands of pounds in companion to many families and individuals. We have are happy to take all qualifying claims and try and recover the maximum compensation for all. These cases are run on a No Win No Fee Basis so you have nothing to lose. Please contact our Specialist Flight Delay Team to get your case started.
Emma Khan.

Head of Flight Delay Team.

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