Cancer Support – Lisa’s Story

Lisa is a very good friend of a staff member at Nayyars whose story and battle against cancer has touched everyone’s hearts.

The Nayyars staff decided to help support Lisa who is terminally ill with cancer to help her complete one of her bucket list wishes “A trip with her 4 year old son to Disneyland”.

Lisa is a Blackley girl who was diagnosed with cancer in 2014. She was aged 36 and has already undergone the devastating removal of both breasts. Approximately 18 months after the surgery Lisa was advised the cancer had spread. Lisa is now undergoing chemotherapy and wants to spend as much time as she can with her family especially over the Christmas period.

Lisa has been a fighter all along and her strength and spirit has inspired us at Nayyars. She has also become a local celebrity and featured in the newspapers as she has organised her own wake and funeral. She is a true inspiration to us all. We knew at Nayyars we had to help in any way we could.


How we raised the money.

Nayyars love food and there was no better way to help support Lisa than a Nayyars Cook Off!

All staff were split into two teams to make, bake and provide and eat a special lunch.

From pies to chick pea curry everyone made a contribution for the lunches and over just 2 weeks and a few pounds in weight later we managed to collect £170.00.

Coming up to Halloween a member of Nayyars staff made a huge Halloween Hamper in a witches cauldron. There were spooky toffees, spiders, masks, pumpkin lanterns and a whole lot more.

Raffle tickets were sold to staff and family friends and in just under 2 weeks £100.00 was collected. The raffle tickets were all sold out.

A total of £270.00 was collected for Lisa in October 2017 to help Lisa fulfil her wish list and Nayyars send Lisa and her son all their love and support.

Nayyars will always continue to support charities and will be nominating a registered charity for 2018. The funds raised will be collected throughout the year and sent to the nominated charity the end of 2018.

Nayyars will definitely be having another Cook Off and take great pride in supporting others as well as getting fatter!


Carolyn Allcroft

Accounts Manager

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