Can you get Compensation for being attacked?

If you have been the victim of violence it can be devastating. Most people do not realise but they can claim compensation for being attacked.

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) is a government body who run a compensation scheme for injuries caused to victims of violent crime in England, Scotland and Wales. The scheme was first introduced in 1964. CICA awards are best described as a token or gesture of regret at what has happened to the applicant. We often explain to our clients that the payment is not coming from the person who attacked them but from a Government body and it is similar to a charitable payment. Unfortunately, it is not always a large amount and will never compensate them enough for the injury they have sustained.

These are a few things you may want to consider if you are making a CICA claim:

  • Ensure the police have a statement from yourself. The CICA must have a police report to show you cooperated with the police. If you have not made a statement, the CICA can say you have not cooperated with the police and are not eligible for compensation. The CICA are usually very strict on this.
  • The CICA require the claim to be submitted within two years of the incident date. Many victims do not know of the 2 year rule. We always advise that you contact us as soon as you are attacked. We can then protect your position by lodging the claim straight away. You may be able to claim after two years if you are claiming because of childhood sexual or physical abuse or you can prove you could not claim earlier, for example because your mental or physical health stopped you or the crime happened on or after 1 August 1964.
  • Check the injuries you wish to claim for are covered by the CICA. Examples of what CICA do not pay for is anxiety, black eyes and scarring covered by hair. The CICA do take a long time to consider the claim, so it is best to check they will pay for your injury before submitting a claim. We will normally advise you of this when we take on your case.
  • You have to have seen a Psychiatrist or Psychologist before the CICA pay out for mental injury. If you are suffering from anxiety, flashbacks, nightmares or panic attacks, you will only receive compensation for these injuries if they are clinically diagnosed. They will not pay out if the injury is only confirmed by a Doctor or a Counsellor.

Nayyars are experts in making Criminal Injury Compensation Authority claims. We can take the hassle and stress out of claiming the compensation for you.

If you are looking to make a CICA claim get in contact with us on 0161 491 8520.

Kenzie Leahy

New Claims Team


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