10 Reasons you should instruct a personal injury solicitor you can meet

We live in a world full of technology that affects most aspects of life. Due to this, many people instruct solicitors without actually ever meeting them. This is also common amongst personal injury solicitors and the traditional method of meeting the solicitor in person is no longer common practice. The effect of this is that the client and solicitor relationship is affected as well as the outcome of the claim for a number of reasons:-

  1. You will find it easier to talk about your accident and injuries and will remember more details at a meeting, enabling your solicitor to be better-equipped to fight your case. Most people prefer to talk face-to-face about important and sensitive matters rather than by telephone.
  2. Your solicitor will be able to see any physical injuries such as scarring and take photographs of them if required.
  3. An experienced solicitor may detect that you have psychological symptoms as a result of the accident that you may not be aware of and suggest that you may need to talk to your GP about conditions such as post-traumatic stress or travel anxiety.
  4. It is much safer to take papers to a solicitor’s office when you go to meet them rather than risk them being lost in the post, particularly if the documents are important or valuable. You will be able to take them home with you after we have copied them rather than waiting a few days for them to be returned by the Royal Mail.
  5. You will probably form a good working relationship with your solicitor after meeting them which will ensure you receive a high level of service as the case progresses.
  6. A solicitor who has met you will be more likely to be convinced that you are a genuine, truthful person than one who hasn’t met you if an insurance company (as they often do) alleges that you are exaggerating or lying about your claim.
  7. As the case progresses, it is much easier for us to discuss complex documents with you such as medical reports and barristers’ advice if we are both in the same room with the same documents in front of us rather than doing so by telephone.
  8. At Nayyars, the solicitors will generally be able to obtain more information from you during a meeting than if you are discussing the case on the phone. We often like clients to draw diagrams to show how accidents occur which cannot be done on the phone. We also often ask clients to show us how Road Traffic Accidents occurred by demonstrating with model cars. If necessary we will write you a list of further information needed for you to take home with you after the meeting.
  9. We won’t be able to make you a good cup of tea if you don’t come and see us!
  10. Finally, Personal Injury claims are all about the client. The more we know about the person who has been injured, the better we at Nayyars Solicitors will be able to assist them and obtain the best possible outcome.
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