Why Use A Local Solicitor?

We have now opened a branch office in Levenshulme! The sole aim of this was so that we could be closer to the local Manchester community. Using a local solicitor is beneficial for many different reasons.

There will be times where you need to see your solicitor face to face. You may need to drop off documents or sign papers. Having a local solicitor means that you are not wasting time and costs in travelling to see your solicitor. This often means matters can be dealt with quickly.

Being able to see your solicitor and discuss matters face to face is very important. You will be treated as an individual rather than a voice at the other end of the phone. You also get the opportunity to build up a relationship with your solicitor in person.

The cost of instructing a local solicitor can be cheaper than going to a large city centre practice. With lower operating costs, local firms can pass these savings on to their clients. We are always very clear on our pricing and charges.

Local solicitors also know the area they work in well. They will know what local legal factors will affect your case. They will appear regularly in the local courts and be familiar with the rulings of the Judges that sit there.

Finally, there is the myth that only city centre firms have the best legal experience. Very often (as is the case at Nayyars) the solicitors have trained at city centre firms and brought with them that knowledge to the more intimate practice of a local firm. Ayesha was a Partner at a large city centre firm before setting up Nayyars. The level of legal expertise we provide is exactly the same as you would expect from a large law firm.

Being based in both Cheadle, Stockport and Levenshulme, Manchester means that we can serve the local community well. It means that we can meet our clients in person while helping solve their legal problems. We are not just a name but a face and the door is always open.

If you want an appointment at either our Cheadle or Levenshulme office then give us a call on 0161 491 8520.



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