A No Win No Fee arrangement – which is also known as a contingency or conditional fee agreement (CFA) – is an agreement between yourself and your Solicitor that ensures you don’t need to worry about paying for upfront legal fees.  Quite simply, your solicitor will take on your case and, if you don’t win any compensation, you will not need to pay any of your solicitor’s costs.

No risk, no catch.  If you don’t win, you don’t pay.

No Win No Fee arrangements were introduced to give those who couldn’t afford legal representation access to the justice they needed to make a compensation claim.

Originally, this meant No Win No Fee arrangements would ensure all legal costs associated with making a claim were covered by the defending party. As well as not having to pay any costs, this also meant claimants would keep 100% of their compensation.

In April 2013, however, new legislation was introduced which meant solicitors were no longer able to recover all of their fees from the defending party

If your case is successful, you will be required to contribute towards the cost of legal representation. These costs are calculated on a percentage basis, depending on your personal circumstances. With Nayyars, this will never be more than 25% of any amount that you’re awarded.

Not every legal case can be covered by No Win No Fee, but certain ‘civil’ cases, meaning those not involving criminal charges, can come under this type of conditional fee agreement.

Medical negligence and personal injury claims are classed as civil cases and are covered by No Win No Fee in England and Wales.

If you case has prospects of success then Nayyars Solicitors are happy to assess it and act for you on a No Win No Fee Basis. You can contact the Team today to start your claim.

Sue Chauhan

New Claim Team Leader

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