What can I do to win my Family Law Case?

We are often approached by clients who are in a lot of distress suffering from marital problems. This can be heightened when the marriage is breaking down with a lot of animosity. There have often been accusations thrown around and the parties have turned it into a personal vendetta against each other. As lawyers, our job is to try and de-stress the situation whilst still getting the best result for our clients.

Clients often ask the question how can they win their case? The answer to this is not straightforward and there are never any guarantees when a case goes to Court. However, depending on what type of case it is, there are always steps that a person can take that will help strengthen their chances of success at Court.

If it is a financial assets case then we would advise that our client gather together as much financial information as they can of the matrimonial assets, e.g bank statements, value of property, mortgage outstanding, value of any investments. We would ask for documentary evidence of this.

If it is a child contact case, then we need a chronology of dates of what has happened and what contact you have received. A record of any conversations or proof of unreasonable refusal would also help.

There is often a lot of factual information in family law cases, some relevant and some not. We would suggest clients prepare their own statement of what has happened. We can do this for them but it is often easier if clients spend time doing this themselves. We can then sieve through what would help their case and the best way to present it to the Court.

We would always ask clients to be as reasonable as possible in any family law case. The chances of winning the case are always strengthened if the Judge finds the client to be a good person who has dealt with the relationship breakdown in a fair way.

Each case will depend on its own facts but our Family Law Team are experts in getting the best results in these cases. We have a proven track record. If you want a confidential meeting with one of the Team call 0161 491 8520.

Ayesha Nayyar

Principal Solicitor


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