Travelling with Children this Summer

We spend months planning our perfect summer holiday, but imagine if the holiday you have been dreaming about for months is halted because you were unaware of airport policies.

Airports have now introduced rules to protect children against child abduction.

Research suggests that 30% of parents with children under 18 do not share the same surname, so if your child has a different surname to you, you may need to bring extra documents to establish your relationship.

What can you do?

Don’t panic. Make enquiries before you travel and take extra documents. This might seem inconvenient, but is necessary to ensure smooth passage.

Before you leave make sure you:

  1. Speak to the airline you are flying with, and the embassy of the country you are travelling to, and seek advice.
  2. If you are travelling separately from the person who you share parental responsibility with, a letter from this person is usually sufficient evidence for officials at border control. The letter should state the other person’s contact details and give reasons for why the trip is being made. This letter should be signed.
  3. You should consider asking a solicitor to notarise the letter (sign it to prove that it’s authentic). A Solicitor from Nayyars will be happy to do this for you.
  4. If other family members are taking children abroad, you should also include such a letter, giving contact details and reasons for the trip.
  5. To be extra sure, you could show evidence of your relationship with the child – for example, a birth or adoption certificate.
  6. If you’re married, but your passport gives your maiden name and your children have a different surname, your marriage certificate and passport will provide evidence of who you are.

To ensure your holiday goes as planned, make sure you do your research and consult a solicitor from Nayyars if you are unsure… Happy holidays!

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