Statement on Behalf of Nayyars Solicitors Clients injured in the Mangle Nightclub Acid Attack

What started out as a night of partying changed into every person’s worst nightmare. Mr Collins chose to carry a bottle of acid with a PH level of 1. He then chose to throw it in a packed nightclub full of innocent people showing complete disregard for who was hit. It was a despicable crime that changed the lives of so many people in the club that night. Mr Collins maintained a denial throughout and made his victims give evidence, a number from behind screens and others breaking down as they relived what happened. He denied bringing the bottle into the club and we may never know what his real intentions were.

We also believe that the Mangle Nightclub need to take responsibility for allowing Mr Collins to carry acid on their premises. The checks upon entry were grossly inadequate. A bottle of acid should never have made it into the club.

My clients are relieved that the trial has concluded and justice has been served. Sadly acid attacks on are the rise. We hope that the sentence passed will be a deterrent to others who choose to carry acid as a weapon.

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