She Won’t Let Me See My Kids….

I have seen another distraught dad who has not slept for days because his ex-partner won’t let him see their kids. This can sadly be a common problem in an acrimonious relationship breakdown. I have heard that line said so many times before…….

Practically what can you do before you come and see a solicitor. Well, it is advisable to try and exhaust all modes of communication with their mother to see if she will agree amicably. There is probably little point dwelling on this because if you are reading this blog it is likely that you have tried that already.

At Nayyars Solicitors we offer a fixed fee initial appointment. At this appointment, we will take full details of what has happened including details of the children that you want to see. It is advisable before you come and see us to make a list of important points you want to tell us. We will usually in the first instance write to your ex-partner and see if she will be agreeable to contact. On some occasions, getting lawyers involved makes them realise that you are serious and this isn’t going to go away. If this works, then fantastic. You do not need our services anymore.

If this doesn’t work, then the next step is to try and go through mediation. If this is not an option, then we would apply for a Child Contact Order on your behalf. It is highly likely if there are no immediate concerns to the child’s welfare or health that this will be granted. However, until a formal order is obtained sadly your ex-partner can dig her heels in and refuse. For this reason, the quicker you get the ball rolling the better in terms of making the formal application.

Often, child contact cases are intrinsically linked to other family law issues. Our Team are experts in this area and will help in any way we can.

If you would like to see only me (Ayesha) at your first appointment, then ask for this when you call 0161 491 8520.

Ayesha Nayyar

Principal Solicitor   


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