Romania 2017

I am a mother of 2 energetic boys and I am a strong believer that you reap what you sow. I have given everything I have to raise them as fine young gentlemen. We have always had a roof over our heads and food on our table and for that I thank the Lord every day.

However, the reality is that living in England we are blessed with so many amenities that as citizens of the First World we take for granted.   Sadly, life is not like that for most of the population especially children. You do not have to travel very far to learn that parts of Europe have some of the poorest areas in the world.

I took part in a Charity Mission last year to visit Gdansk in Poland. It was by far one of the most rewarding and uplifting experiences of my life.

This year I have committed to going out to Lazareni in Romania with a group of 10 friends from the Kings Church in Bolton. We will be leaving on 4th July and staying there for 9 nights. I will be working in one of the most deprived and poverty stricken areas in Eastern Europe.  Lazareni has many social issues including child labour, drug taking and human trafficking. I know it will be a difficult trip. However, the group are committed to making this a life changing experience for both ourselves and those we reach out to. We plan on taking over food supplies, toys and clothing. The trip has already been funded by the team individually and so 100% of funds raised will reach the needy.

It is going to be hard to work with families living in poverty. Seeing children as young as my own having to walk miles just to collect water each day will be heart breaking. However, by doing this Charity Mission we know that we have taken active steps to make their life that little bit easier.  I do not know what to expect when I get out there but if I can even make one child smile then I know my job will be done. The reality of seeing the hearts healed from people of all ages living in such a poor community will be impacting, rewarding and cherished forever.  I want to be a part of life changing moments and uplift people from all walks of life in whatever I do.

At Nayyars we have been fundraising amongst ourselves for the last 4 weeks. The support of the Team has been amazing. We had a Team Meeting to discuss fund raising ideas and came up with a financial target we are aiming to reach. We have taken part in various fund raising activities including donating the fees from all oaths and attestations completed by the Solicitors to the Romania Fund. We also took part in Buffet Lunches with each Team Member bringing in food and the rest of us contributing a donation to eat it (yes food is always a big part of any event at Nayyars!).

We are now on a big initiative to raise funds by the sale of Nayyars Raffle Tickets. We have a 1000 tickets to sell and over 50 prizes have been donated by businesses and individuals. The draw will take place on 30th June and will be the finale to the fundraising by Nayyars towards my Romania trip. If you would like to buy a ticket (the odds of winning are pretty good plus you will be supporting a great cause) then contact me on 0161 491 8520. I would love for you to support me. I am so blessed to have so many amazing people in my life and I, too, am so glad to share my journey with you.

I will write another blog just before I leave but for now any donation would be greatly appreciated.

With much Love and Peace.

Melissa Cargill

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