Romania 2017

A mission complete!

Words fail me…..I am actually struggling put into words how rewarding my 9 days serving in the community of Lazareni, Romania was. When the idea was first banded about I knew I had to get involved. I also knew that Nayyars would fully support me in this project, such is the nature of the Team here.

We flew to Romania on 4th July. I knew we would be working with a community hugely struck by poverty. However the real scale of this did not hit me until we got there. They were lacking in a number of basic needs, most of which we take for granted, for example free flowing water, education, basic living requirements such as beds, duvets, pillows, pushchairs and a secure roof over our heads. There were houses without electricity – the list is endless! It made me realise how fortunate my life back in Bolton is.

I am so thankful that my team at Kings Church returned home safely. We left the community full of passion and love. They are striving to live on hope but suffering emotional pain due to the lack of resources and financial help.

While I was out in Lazareni I worked with people of all ages. I visited the local school and I took part in a number of activities with children and parents of the children. Members of my team distributed nappies to the families while I interacted with the children taking part in songs, games and creative arts. It was clear from the emotion on their faces that while I was there, the team and I poured out our love and brought hope to every family we visited in the village.

It was a life changing event. I truly wish to thank each and every one of my work colleagues at Nayyars Solicitors and all of the businesses involved who donated prizes for our raffle draw. The money raised contributed to a project building which is in the process of being renovated so the children can go on residential vacations, teaching assistance/educational equipment for their growing school as well as daily living resources.

We helped the community to reach their goals above and beyond their expectations. Without the help of my team at Nayyars this would never have been possible. Thank you.

I am so privileged to have taken part in such an amazing experience. I have laughed, I have cried and I have prayed my heart out for such an amazingly loving group of people who are suffering poverty every day.

Thank you to everyone for your support. You helped to make this a dream come true.


Melissa Cargill

Litigation Executive

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