Refused right to see child

Are you being refused the right to see your child?

The thought of not being able to see my children sends shivers down my spine. However sadly this is a daily reality for many parents whose partners stand in the way of them having a relationship with their children. As a lawyer doing family work over the years, I still have not been able to harden myself to the emotions involved when a parent is not allowed to see their child. Seeing the pain in a father’s eyes when he has not seen the children he dearly loves is haunting.

At Nayyars many of us are parents and we will do everything we can to ensure that our clients are able to have contact with their children. Remember – just because your relationship with your ex has broken down, that does not mean that your relationship with your children has too. However bitter and nasty the break up has been, the Courts in this Country recognise that every child need a good set of parents.

If you have been denied access to your children the first step you should take is to try and approach the parent amicably and ask for access. Be nice. If it is refused, then ask again. Be even nicer. If it is still refused then it is time to get the lawyers involved. We will try and get you contact without getting the courts involved but if your ex is being unreasonable then we will have no hesitation in taking the case all the way. Contrary to popular belief, lawyers are not a money hungry bunch.  Most lawyers will just want to help you with minimum stress and cost. Changes to Legal Aid mean that most people cannot get free or subsidized help from solicitors unless there has been abuse within the relationship. This means you will have to pay for it yourself.  Having said that, if anyone was denying me the right to see my children, every penny spent on it would be worth it. Don’t let the cost stop you.

We have a high success rate of reuniting parents with their children. We are known as a leading law firm in the area of Family Law.

At Nayyars we act for mums and we act for dads. I have learnt over time that every case is different but the struggle is always the same. It is a fight worth stepping up for and you need the right team with you. I often say to my clients be ready – this is a long and rocky road that will be uphill most of the way but we are happy to walk it with you. We will get you to the end however long it takes and the view at the top is always worth it.


Ayesha Nayyar

Senior Solicitor

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