Nayyars Social Committee

I am the unofficial Chair of the Nayyars Social Committee. It sounds like a daunting title but in reality it is a lot of fun! The Nayyars Team love to work hard but also play hard.

Since I have joined, we have always had nights out and events. As the Firm grew bigger and the social events increased, it was Ayesha’s idea a couple of years ago to introduce the ‘Nayyars Social Committee’.

And so far, this has proven to be a great idea!

One person from each department is chosen to be part of the Committee for the year and takes part in our monthly meetings where we come up with ideas on what social events we can plan next. The Committee Member feeds back ideas from their department as to what they would like to do next.

The good thing is that everyone gets a chance to air their choice of social event and every idea is considered (and we have some crazy ones!).

Most of our social events involve some kind of fund-raising for various charities. This year we have also decided to have a “Charity of the Year”. All our fund-raising for the year will be paid to this charity. Everyone has made suggestions for the ‘Charity of the Year’.

To keep the spirit going throughout the year, we organise events within the office on landmark dates like Valentines, Easter, Halloween and Christmas. A lot of our events involve homemade food (this is a big thing for us at Nayyars as we have a few amazing cooks amongst us), dressing up, games and music.

We have lined up for 2018 already a Valentines Party, Easter Egg Hunt and Spa day at the Office….so watch this space!

The Social aspect at Nayyars is great. It does make a difference for everybody as all ideas can be heard, we all bond as a team and we do see the funny side of each other on events and at the end of the day we do manage to have a good time at work!!

Sissy Grigoroglou

Office Manager

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