Nayyars MacMillan Coffee Morning

At Nayyars we love cake….so we were excited to hold our Annual Macmillan Coffee Morning. The plan was that we all bake cakes and invite our friends, family and members of the public to come and eat them in exchange for a charity donation. We baked a range of cakes including a tangy lemon cake, Victoria sponge and flapjacks (for the healthy ones). Our trainee solicitor even made his legendary Banoffee pie. The first Macmillan Coffee Morning started in 1991 with 2,600 supporters to host one. This was our 3rd one. We were excited to showcase our baking talents.

I admit I didn’t bake mine but myself and Kenzie bought cupcakes and a lemon cake (it’s the thought that counts plus I don’t think anyone would want to sample my baking skills!). We had a competition as to who baked the best cake and the winner was Amir and his Banoffee Pie. Paul Hollywood eat your heart out! All staff contributed to the cake sale showing support by both bringing cakes and other desserts in but also by donating and trying out the cakes which looked too good to miss!

We had over 100 people who came throughout the day which included our friends, family, clients and the local Cheadle residents! The amount of people who came in to the office really showed the support that our community has and represented the closeness that Macmillan has brought to many families. They enjoyed a natter and a cup of tea along with a slice of cake.

Our special guest transpired to be an elderly man who had travelled from far to support this cause. He told us he had been diagnosed with blood and lung cancer. He had been supported by the Macmillan nurses when he was diagnosed and said without them he would not have been able to cope. He reiterated what a wonderful cause this was!

There were also a few young people who joined us and were mesmerised by all the cakes which we had to offer. It was a special morning as we got to see all different types of people walk through the door, but we all had one thing in common and that was the motive to raise as much money for Macmillan as possible.

It was an enjoyable moment for all our staff here at Nayyars as we really got to communicate with the local community, and share such a nice moment with friends and family who came. It was wonderful to see our staff selling cakes and getting involved with this event, and we could see what this meant as Macmillan Cancer Support has done a lot for many relatives we all have. So they truly are a special charity to us and it was a pleasure contributing to such a wonderful cause.

As we packed away and counted the money raised all of which will be donated to Macmillan Cancer Support, we reflected thoroughly on what a great day we had here in the office. The countdown now begins for the Nayyars Macmillan Coffee Morning 2018… Get your aprons on!

Bridget Noctor
New Claims Team

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