Life as a Trainee Solicitor

In April 2014, I secured the one thing that most prospective law students leaving university aim to obtain, a training contract. This was the first step in the path of becoming a qualified solicitor and a training contract is a crucial period of time in which I would learn all the skills, gain the necessary experience and mould my character into that of a qualified solicitor. Prior to being offered a training contract at Nayyars I had worked for them for approximately 18 months. My goal was always to secure a training contract and I knew Nayyars was the type of firm that encouraged progression. My advice to anyone looking to obtain a training contract is to get a foot in the door at a law firm and then work hard to try and prove yourself. I was always confident in my ability would be recognised and it was.

Becoming a trainee solicitor requires lots of enthusiasm, a hard work ethic and a willingness to learn new things. Each day brings its own challenges such as in my first week, I was given the task of issuing court proceedings, which I had never done before. As a trainee, I have travelled up and down the country attending trials which has given me valuable experience of the process in court and the etiquette which is required in a courtroom. I have met numerous clients and been able to handle myself in a variety of situations. At Nayyars I was thrown in at the deep end and it was a sink or swim situation. Thankfully I swam!

I have learnt many different areas of law as a trainee. A trainee has to learn in 3 distinct areas of law but can often cover more. Wills and Probate, General Litigation, Personal Injury and Conveyancing are the main areas I have covered so far and in the remaining period of my training contract, I have the opportunity to explore several other areas of law. Nayyars as a Firm have branched out in a number of different legal disciplines and as a trainee I will be working in all of them. I have been given the chance to work at a different firm of solicitors which practice in Conveyancing. This secondment is on a one-day-a-week basis and it has been a good learning curve for me as it has helped to develop my organisational skills as I have juggled my own files at my current firm with working elsewhere.

Overall, the life of a trainee is a stressful one yet rewarding if you apply yourself effectively and are ready to face different challenges. I have been very fortunate to be given the opportunity of a training contract which in the legal profession, is not easily given. I am due to qualify in April 2018 and with the knowledge and skills gained over these 2 years will be ready to face the world as a qualified solicitor!

Amir Dar

Trainee Solicitor

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