Life as a Paralegal

Summer ’16 – having just graduated from University with a Law degree, I was now on the hunt for a successful career path. Turns out, later that year, I was lucky enough to have been accepted after my first legal interview at Nayyars Solicitors! Understandably for every new employee, it was quite a nerve racking first week for me as I wanted to prove I was good enough for the job. Gladly though, the “new starter” feeling wore off after my first week! Everybody was so welcoming I already felt part of the team so quickly.

I started my position with the team at Nayyars as a New Claims Assistant. My job role varied as I would carry out a number of different tasks during the day. From setting up claims for new clients, to dealing with incoming and outgoing post. What I learnt the most from being a member of the New Claims team was how to be time conscious as well as being able to have good attention to detail.

Having been in the New Claims team for approximately 4 months, I was very enthusiastic to want to learn more and was keen to take on a new challenge. I wanted to broaden my knowledge and apply my skills set to a more challenging work load. This is when I moved over to the Pre-Litigation department.

The transition from New Claims to Pre-Litigation was quite surprising. As a paralegal, your strengths are tested more often than not in your ability to be quick minded, enthusiastic and eagerness to your work ethic. The outcome is always a rewarding one, to be able to hear clients that are happy with the level of client care service that has been provided to them as well as them receiving the compensation they are entitled to.

I was given the opportunity to handle a case load independently. This was without a doubt the most testing experience so far. Thankfully, it has helped me to grow as a person and has also shown me that with the right determination and persistence, anything is achievable.

There will be times where you will have to experience impatient clients who do not quite understand what a lengthy process it can be for them to receive the correct amount of compensation they deserve. However, in my position as a paralegal, I believe it is vital to create a good rapport with my clients, who are able to understand why it can be a lengthy process and to trust me in being on their side.

So far, life as a paralegal has been challenging, interesting and exhausting at times. But the main thing I can say is the satisfaction of ticking things off a lengthy “to do task list” and keeping my desk tidy with minimal files visible is indescribable. Here’s to a successful future at Nayyars!


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