Life As A Family Law Solicitor

As a Family Law Solicitor you need to be quick to think on your feet, as this area of law can be very challenging, complex and is always subject to legal changes. I have been practising in the area of Family Law for 4 years. Nayyars Solicitors deal with a range of family law cases.

The main role of a family lawyer is to aid people through a difficult time in their life and assist them on the issues that arise during this difficult time. A good family law solicitor will have the skill to deal with people who are in a problematic situation, at all given times a solicitor should be able to deal with clients in a professional manner without losing empathy for the client and sometimes a client can be in a very bad state due to the problems they have faced during their relationship as a spouse, partner, parent or child.

There will never be a time in family matters, when two families or relationships will be the same. You will always encounter something different and challenging. At times, you will feel like you are fulfilling the role of a counsellor but at all given times you must maintain the clarity and commercial acumen of a lawyer and aim to remain detached to achieve the results your clients need.

You should be ready to put your negotiation skills in to practice and look forward to making strategic decisions in the best interest of your client. Given the nature of your job there will be times, where you will need to thick skinned, as clients may shout at you due to stress and anger but you have to rise to a challenge and keep your cool and remain clam in order for you to effectively do what you are best at doing. You should always try and achieving the desired outcomes which will give your clients a good night sleep and peace of mind.

An unforgettable experience was dealing with a contact case for a father, who was refused contact by the mother due to personal relationship issues. After one and a half years of fighting back with the harsh allegations alleged by the mother, I managed to get my client contact with his 3 year old daughter. It was touching when the client hugged me outside the court room and said that the outcome would have been completely different if I had not been there. This result was only achievable by the hard work I put into fighting for my client and at all times I maintained my never-giving-up-attitude.

To sum up, persistence, understanding and empathy are a crucial set of skills which must be attained by a family solicitor without becoming emotionally involved in your client’s life. The key to success is based on your organisational skills and the ability to think on your feet, along with multitasking.

Fahad Tanveer


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