Juggling Life Doing The LPC and Full Time Working!

After university, I never thought I would have the time to maintain a full time job, whilst striving for further education. However this was possible whilst working at Nayyars Solicitors.

No sooner had I finished university, I found myself in full time employment. With the legal field being a competitive industry, I wanted to enter the world of legal practice and get my foot in the door. I was granted this opportunity with Nayyars Solicitors.

Within three months of my employment, I began the Legal Practice Course (LPC) for 18 months on a part time basis. The LPC, is the next recognised step by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority to becoming a fully qualified Solicitor.

After working five days a week, I would go to study the LPC in Manchester on a Saturday and Sunday once every three weeks. Occasionally, I found this difficult and tiring, as not only were my Saturdays and Sundays taken up by the LPC, but I also had to do work for this in the evenings during the week. It was a massive commitment but one I was prepared to do because the end goal was going to be worth it!

Whilst the above workload was challenging, I found the best coping mechanism for myself was to have the right balance between my work at Nayyars Solicitors and my LPC work. I would ensure in my working hours at Nayyars Solicitors, that my workload remained a high standard whilst maintaining a high standard of client care. This left me with enough time in the evenings to complete my LPC work to an identical quality.

Making sure my work was the best it could be was made possible by the help of Nayyars Solicitors. This was accomplished through Nayyars Solicitors, as they gave me entitlement for a number of study days. This enabled me to prepare accordingly for exams and workshops. Having this time really benefited me, as it kept my desire to succeed in law fresh.

Having a full-time job, as well ongoing further education was inevitably challenging.  From my own personal experience, if you have passion, commitment and dedication to succeed in law, that will supersede the hardships you may encounter whilst working full time and studying for further education. Along with the backing and help of your employer, anything is possible!

Ashleigh Garner


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