Have you been involved in a hit and run car accident?

Have you been involved in a hit and run car accident?

Being involved in a car crash is traumatic enough without the driver of the offending vehicle leaving the scene without providing any insurance details. If you have been unfortunate to be the victim of a hit and run, fear not – Nayyars Solicitors can assist you to make a claim through the Motor Insurance Bureau’s Untraced Driver’s Agreement.

The Motor Insurance Bureau deal with a high volume of claims including uninsured and untraced drivers, therefore the process can take longer than an average claim. In order to make a claim you must:

  • report the accident to the police within 14 days of the accident. They may be able to trace the driver responsible for the accident or provide you with the vehicle’s insurance details.
  • be insured to drive the vehicle;
  • prove that you reported the accident to the police;
  • prove your injuries and losses by attending a medical examination. Unfortunately, you cannot recover compensation for property damages unless the vehicle that caused the accident is traced.

There are several stages to making a claim through the Motor Insurance Bureau:

  1. Completion of the claim form providing detailed accident circumstances;
  2. The Motor Insurance Bureau will investigate your claim which includes obtaining a copy of the police report and interviewing you as a witness.
  3. The Motor Insurance Bureau will then make a decision whether to accept or reject your claim. If they accept your claim they will instruct a medical expert to review your injuries. Should they reject your claim, you will have the opportunity to appeal the decision. This is on a case by case basis.
  4. If you are successful the Motor Insurance Bureau will make an offer to settle your claim on a full and final basis.

A claim to the Motor Insurance Bureau must be submitted within 3 years of the date of the accident. Call us today to speak to our specialist team who deal with hit and run accidents.

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