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An Injunction is a court order that prevents someone from doing something that the court decides is imminent and will cause harm. If you are a victim of domestic violence or are suffering emotional or mental abuse from your partner or ex-partner, Nayyars Solicitors can apply to the court on your behalf to prevent this abuse from continuing any further.

The types of order available fall into two main categories:

  • Non-molestation/harassment order – which prevents someone from using or threatening violence against their former partner or their child, or intimidating, harassing or pestering them.
  • Occupation order – this order determines who can live at the family home and can also restrict the abuser from entering the specified area of their former partner.

Both a non-molestation/harassment and an occupation order can be granted with a power of arrest attached, and this power can be exercised if the abuser does not follow the conditions of the order.

We will discuss the potential legal costs in our initial consultation, where will provide you with all the relevant information required, so you can make an informed decision. We do not offer legal assistance pursuant to public funding. All cases handled by our family team must be privately funded.

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