I don’t like my name!

If you do not like your name what can you do? Well the simple answer is that you can change it. You are free to change any part of your name — you can change your first name, your middle names, and your surname.  You can add or remove names, and you can change the spelling of names.

Can you change it to anything you want? Again the simple answer is yes. However, in some cases a change of name will break the law in another way.  For example, you cannot change your name for fraudulent reasons. At Nayyars we may refuse to accept instructions to change your name if it is potentially against the law, for example, anything that promotes the use of drugs, racial or religious hatred or is against minority groups.

At Nayyars we can draft and execute a Change of Name Deed for you. It is possible to do this yourself but most of our clients want a quick and easy method without any hassle.

We can do this in one appointment for you. We normally take all the relevant information and do the necessary checks with you over the telephone. We will then draft the document for you. An appointment is arranged for you to come in with photo ID, i.e. passport, and execute the Deed (i.e sign it!). Once done, we give you an original and certified copy.

You can then use that copy to start using your new name.

A few points to consider before you do come to see us though:

  • Be sure you do actually want to change your name and be happy to use your new one for the rest of your life (however you can change it again by another Change of Name Deed in the future!);
  • Think about the reason you want to change your name (there is no legal requirement to have a reason but always good for your own sanity to think about the reason);
  • Know the exact spelling of the new name you want to use;
  • Practice your new signature before you come (so many clients think about this for the first time when they are just about to sign on the dotted line!);
  • If you are a child under the age of 18, you will need your parents’ permission;
  • If you are a parent, then you need the permission of anyone else who has parental responsibility for your child to change their name.

If you want to make an appointment to change your name then contact our Team on 0161 491 8520.

Ayesha Nayyar
Senior Solicitor

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