My flight is delayed, what am I entitled to?


If you were travelling from a European Airport or a European Airline, you may have rights under the EU law if your flight is delayed or cancelled.

If your flight’s delayed for 2 or more hours

Your airline have to give you:

  • food and drink
  • access to phone calls and emails
  • accommodation if you’re delayed overnight – and journeys between the airport and the hotel

If your flight’s delayed for 3 or more hours:

  • You already have a legal right to food and drink, phone calls and accommodation – you get this when the flight is delayed for 2 hours or more.
  • You’re also entitled to get compensation if the delay is the airline’s responsibility

You’re entitled to a set amount of compensation depending on:

  • the distance of the flight
  • the length of the flight
  • whether you’re flying to an EU or non-EU destination
Delay to your arrival Flight distance Compensation
3 hours or more Less than 1,500km €250
  Between 1,500km and 3,500km €400
  More than 1,500km and within the EU €400
3-4 hours More than 3,500 km, between an EU and non-EU airport €300
4 hours or more More than 3,500km, between and EU and non-EU airport €600

If you are still unsure whether you could claim for a flight delay, it’s worth giving us a call to check, as we have a team of experts ready to take your call.

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