Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare

I recently handled a case that would have been every parent’s worst nightmare. When we send our children to school we expect them to be safe. It is worrying enough to send them on their own with the school teachers as you are trusting the most precious possessions in your life into someone else’s care. We often stress until they return home. Nayyars Solicitors are experts in handling cases that involve children. As parents, ourselves we know how important it is to handle these cases in the right way.

The case I have recently acted for involved a 12-year-old boy who was injured when on a school trip. His parents got a call late one evening confirming that their son had been involved in a very serious accident and was on his way to hospital. You can imagine the fear the parents suffered knowing he was in pain and they were not there. He had been in the care of his teachers whilst on a camping trip.  He was taking part in an exercise where he was around a camp fire. The group were boiling water on the fire base. They had used a large pot that as it boiled, splattered the boiling water onto our client.

As a result, he suffered horrific scalding to the right arm and stomach. He was in absolute agony. He suffered 1st and 2nd degree burns to the right arm and abdomen area and received immediate medical treatment at the local hospital in the middle of nowhere! He had the required treatment but then remained badly burned and had hospital outpatient treatment for a period of time. He remained scarred for life.

Worryingly he suffered severe psychological injuries and needed psychiatric help to get over the trauma. He was left suffering from sleep disturbance, loss of confidence when taking part in school activities and describes being paranoid around boiling water.

The school admitted the accident was their fault and agreed to compensate him. The client successfully received a high value amount of compensation for his injury.

We have dealt with many accidents that have taken place at school. These are often very difficult cases to deal with as it ends up being the child’s word against the teachers. At Nayyars we are not afraid of a fight. If you believe your child, then we do too.

If you believe that your child has been at risk in the education system, we are happy to fight with you to get your child the compensation they rightfully deserve. Contact our Personal Injury Team today.

Melissa Cargill

Litigation Executive

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