Divorce Service Launched Online….

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has launched the divorce application online nationwide.

The purpose of this system is to allow couples to apply for an uncontested divorce through online forms, which will eliminate the need to fill in paper forms and post them to the courts. The MoJ states that 13,000 hours are currently dedicated by the court staff dealing with complex applications regarding a divorce.

This online divorce application will contribute to a 95% decrease in the number of applications being returned back to the parties as a result of minute unforeseeable mistakes, as compared to the paper divorce forms.  

The Justice Minister states “Allowing divorce applications to be made online will help make sure we are best supporting people going through an often difficult and painful time.

More people will have the option of moving from paper-based processes to online systems which will cut waste, speed up services which can be safely expedited, and otherwise better fit with modern day life.”

The divorce process being available online is a huge leap forward in the digital world and regardless of how efficient it sounds, for the average person wanting to apply it would raise many complications.

The law governing family law in very complex and it tends to rely on historic and old fashioned routes. Although, the new online system will allow people to apply for a divorce, the vast majority of people are likely to get it wrong without having access to expert help and advice at hand. There will be a lot of litigants in person and more disputed divorces, as we need a no-fault divorce process in the legal system alongside the online divorce process. The legal system needs to implement a no-fault divorce process. This process needs to be given immediate consideration, so the blame game can be put to rest once and for all. By the introducing such a process, the online divorce can then serve its purpose effectively.


Fahad Tanveer



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