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I am doing a full circle. I am a Levenshulme girl who attended the local comprehensive school and I am now back to where I first started and opening an office on a road I walked down every day growing up.

In the 1970’s divorce was not as common as it is today. If it happened, it was not openly discussed. In fact, the word “divorce” was almost used in hushed tones.

Thankfully times have changed. People recognise as sad as it is, couples do separate and family units are divided. As a Divorce Lawyer my first aim is always to handle the case with as much sensitivity as possible. I know what a serious and stressful time this is for clients. I will always do my best to get the result they want.

However, being compassionate does not take away the fact that my primary role is winning their case (whatever the client’s definition of “win” is). At the outset, I will ask my client what they want first and foremost to achieve. All clients are different and for some the outcome they seek may not be the norm. My job is to carry out my client’s instructions.

I do get emotionally involved in cases. It is difficult not to. Some may say it is a weakness, I disagree I consider it is a strength. What that does is mean that my clients know they have someone who is on their side in what is often their darkest hour. That is very important to me as a Divorce Lawyer.

Growing up in Levenshulme made me a ‘go getter’ with a feisty attitude. I apply that to the work that I do. If you are looking for a strong and confident lawyer then pop in and see me.

Having said that, in the grim world of divorce law, I will always greet my own clients with a smile. Divorce is a very stressful time. My aim is to help take some of the stress away.

I am incredibly excited to now be based in Levenshulme and know a lot of the locals. If you want to come and see me then our doors are always open. We offer a fixed fee initial appointment where you will be given no nonsense straightforward legal advice.

If you want to make an appointment then call 0161 491 8520.

Ayesha Nayyar

Principal Solicitor

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