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15th August 2018

Burden of Proof

If you are considering filing a claim for personal injury you should be familiar with a legal concept known as the burden of proof. The burden […]
8th August 2018

Making an injury claim when you have minimal damage – Low Speed Impacts

Being injured in an accident doesn’t only happen when the impact is severe enough to scrape your vehicle or cause serious dents. For example, when you’ve […]
7th August 2018

Read Ayesha’s blog on her win!

* *Win at The English Asian Business Awards* * It is ironic that a child of immigrant parents who came over to England in the 1960’s […]
4th August 2018

Acid Crime Makes Me So Angry

Recent statistics from the Acid Survivors Trust report that the U.K has the highest rates of acid attacks per capita in the world. There were 400 […]