Are you unhappy with your solicitor?

We are constantly approached by clients who are not happy with the service they are being provided with by their solicitor. We are happy to have a quick chat with you to see what the issues may be. However, after that normally a decision needs to be made by the client whether they should stay with their existing solicitor or transfer the case to us. It is unfair to the existing solicitor for us to continue advising without their knowledge. Also, we need to have a full copy of the file before we can advise properly.

The success of your injury or medical negligence claim can be dependent on your choice of solicitor. Most clients only realise midway through the claim that things are not right and this starts to worry them. you need to have complete confidence in your solicitor and know that he/she will get you the result you deserve.

You are entitled to change your solicitor throughout your claim for many different reasons. Common reasons can include having your case run by someone who is not qualified enough to deal with it or a breakdown in the relationship between you and your legal team.

If you are sure a change is necessary, it is often better to change your solicitors as early into your case as possible.  It can be very difficult for the new solicitor to undo the work that has been done. If your case has been presented a certain way then changing it and effectively backtracking can be very hard.

We will always give you quick and easy advice based on what you tell us.

Changing your solicitor is your right. If you are not happy then give us a call.

We regularly have cases transferred to us, and commonly take over claims started by other firms.

If you are unhappy with your current solicitors, contact us on 0161 491 8520.

Kenzie Leahy

New Claims Team

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