Alan Sugar Eat Your Heart Out

The word Apprentice is synonymous with a scary bald man in a suit sat in a boardroom. Luckily for me I managed to dodge Alan Sugar and landed myself an Apprenticeship with Nayyars.

As an Apprentice working at Nayyars I was pleased to hear that there is a route to qualifying as a Solicitor through this avenue. That will always be my ultimate aim.  I started at Nayyars in November 2016 having left school. I did try life at College but decided after 1 month that the Apprenticeship Scheme would be more suited to me. I joined Learning Unlimited who have contacts with prospective employers to provide Apprentice Contracts.

I had a number of interviews at various law firms as by now I had decided on a legal career. My interview at Nayyars was completely different than the rest! I was interviewed by 2 Team Managers both of whom were friendly and down to earth. My perception of solicitors was that they would be intimidating and therefore the interview was a fresh of breath air! They even at the end showed me round the office. A job was offered on Friday and I took it up to start on Monday. I knew this was the place for me.

I came with a blank mind-set not knowing anything about law. My first day was scary but I was put at ease when I walked through the door and saw how friendly everyone was. I was the youngest in the Team at 16 (now 17!) but was never made to feel that way. Everyone was so nice to me and made me feel welcome!

Working with lawyers every day has helped me gain confidence especially when speaking to people on the telephone. I am constantly learning new things and enjoying every minute of it. Every day is different. I am given a lot of responsibility and thrive off it!

Nayyars has been great for me as my first workplace but in exchange I think as an Apprentice I have also contributed in many ways. I have brought fresh ideas and energy to the department. It gives the Firm the opportunity to mould me to the way they want to work. This means that we both benefit. I am always grateful to the Team who have taken time to train me in different areas.

Since I have started, my programme has been so successful that Nayyars have taken on another Apprentice. Life as an Apprentice is varied. However, my goal is to secure a full time positon at the end.

I’m excited for what the future has in hold for me at Nayyars! If you are looking for an Apprenticeship at Nayyars please feel free to contact me to discuss my experience further.

Elisha Quinn


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