Accidents with foreign-registered vehicles

If you are involved in an accident with a vehicle that is registered in another country then the procedure for making a claim can differ. There are some steps that you can take to help make your claim easier.

Find out if the driver is insured

You should find out which country the driver is from and if the driver is insured which insurance company provides the cover. Obtaining the other driver’s insurance details is usually done at the road side, at the time of the accident, but if that isn’t possible, provide as many details as possible about the driver and the vehicle. If possible take photographs of the vehicle, it’s driver and registration plate.

Foreign Registered Lorries

It is particularly important that you make every effort to find out the registration numbers of both the front and the back of the lorry. This is because in some countries trailers are registered separately and have their own registration numbers and insurers. If possible, take photographs on your mobile phone.

Green Card

You may have been given the details of the other driver’s Green Card. A Green Card is an international proof of insurance. If the other driver has given you this information, please keep a record of this as it will be useful for your claim. Again, take a photograph on your mobile phone.

Under the Green Card system, if the insurer of the foreign registered vehicle has an agent in this country that agent will deal with your claim.

When making a claim, please ensure that you provide all the available information which should include where possible:

  • The name of the foreign insurer
  • Owner or policy holder’s name
  • Driver’s name, address and contact details
  • Vehicle registration number
  • Policy or Green Card number and photocopies of any documents provided in relation to the accident
  • Accident date and exact location
  • Accident circumstances
  • Any photographs

Once you have the relevant information then contact us at Nayyars and we can assist you with your claim.

Annum Ghafoor



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