Had an accident? Why you should instruct your Solicitor straight away

Usually, when people have been injured in an accident, the last thing on their minds is to pursue a claim for their injury. This can be due to a number of personal factors however; it is not always the best decision to make.

Being in an accident is stressful. If you have a right to make a claim, the daily stresses of life may mean although you are thinking about it you are just not getting round to take the practical step if doing it.

There are numerous reasons as to why delaying this process can affect your claim as a whole. The reasons are as follows;

  • Your memory at the time of the accident, compared to a few months down the line can fade. Therefore, crucial facts in establishing liability can be forgotten or not be a true reflection of how the accident actually occurred. Examples of this may be the time of the accident or the speed of The third-party driver.
  • Witnesses to the accident may be harder to reach. They may not value the importance of the specific information required in order to establish liability. They may also forget important factors of accident circumstances.
  • If there is any CCTV of the accident, this may no longer be available as this is usually only kept for a period of 3 months. This is an essential piece of evidence when assessing liability.
  • The third party’s insurers will question why you have left it so long to pursue a claim and can try and allege it is not genuine.

Taking into consideration the above listed points, at Nayyars Solicitors we urge you to bring your claim to our specialist claims handlers as soon as possible after the accident. Should you need to come into the office to discuss your claim initially, you are able to book a face to face appointment when it is convenient for you.

Faaria Basharat


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